Born and raised in Louisiana, Founder and Creative Visionary for The Beautiful Earth and feature filmmaker, Bethany Ashton Wolf, has had a passion for visual arts and southern literature since she was a small girl, influenced by the colorful characters of the French Quarter in New Orleans as well as the cultural melting pot of Louisiana itself.

Wolf moved to Los Angeles in her early twenties where she began her career as a screenwriter, co-writing the feature film, DON'S PLUM, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Toby Maguire, followed by her screenwriting and directorial debut with the Cajun drama, LITTLE CHENIER, which became a festival darling, winning 21 Best Feature Film and Best American Film awards on the festival circuit worldwide.

Wolf has been married to comedian, Josh Wolf, for the past 20 years, and while raising their children together in LA, she has had numerous screenwriting assignments for both studios and independent production companies, has been hired to write for academy award-winning producers, wrote the award-winning screenplay, LOVE SCENE, which won awards across the globe on its festival run, and followed that with the successful feature film, FOREVER MY GIRL, that she also wrote for the screen and directed.

Wolf has also directed avant-garde music videos for country stars, executive produced and developed a series of inspiring docuseries for television, and has found a new love of art in yet another medium: creating THE BEAUTIFUL EARTH.

"Having a long career as a screenwriter and film director in Hollywood, I was ready to create with more direct purpose in a way that could help the earth and our own bodies in what we are wearing and putting in it. So I took my artistic vision as a filmmaker--someone who creates and evokes feelings for audiences--and I immersed that into creating and evoking feelings into my conscious brand. These two milieus are the same to me: a film screen and a piece of wardrobe are both canvases in which I am telling a story. This time, the story happens to be about the purchaser and consumer, and that’s an artistic medium that deeply inspires me. 

By striving to create conscious clothing + healthy essentials that are organic, recycled, vegan, ethically-sourced, and sustainably-made, I can shine a luminous light on how we can all live a more mindful life.”

“My philosophy in life is simple: Love yourself. Love each other. Love the earth. And the rest will follow.”

Bethany Ashton Wolf